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Leaning on our team skills, experience, and vast network that we have acquired, we deliver services and concepts full of FRESH, QUALITY & SMART INNOVATION

Create Hospitality Consultancy was founded by Theo Tzavaras with the purpose of cultivating the next generation of cafés and eateries. Utilizing his experience and vast network that he has acquired working for multiple industry leaders in Hospitality and Retail over the years, he has now set out to take on new projects – small and large, in any location and at any time!
Create Hospitality Consultancy focuses on connecting the design, atmosphere, menus, and procedures to deliver a consistent guest experience.

Create Hospitality Consultancy

New Concepts

Our concepts reflect YOUR brand personality through food, atmosphere, and service.

Menu Development

Your menu is what keeps your restaurant full.

Our team will help by developing signature items that will keep your guests returning for more.


Your bottom-line benefits from our decades of hands-on operating experience.

Our recommendations are practical, immediately actionable, and measurably effective.

Existing Concepts

If you are facing a distressed situation, we offer objective analysis, feedback, and solutions concerning the strengths and weaknesses of front and back of house operations, menu, and marketing strategy

Development Support

Working in partnership with Create Hospitality Consultants to deliver actionable recommendations that limit risk, create value, and maximize revenue potential.

Business Advice

We can help restaurants adapt to challenges before they become issues.

Working together to work through the economic fundamentals that determine

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